Customer Experience

Primis provides a Customer Experience solution focused on improving the customer experience you provide to your consumers across multiple touch-points and initiatives.

Post Purchase CX

Improve your consumers customer experience after they purchase from you by using a branded & personalised tracking portal which provides all the information your consumer needs at their finger tips.

Proven to reduce WISMO costs, increase your Net Promoter Score, and improve repeat business from your Consumers as a result, our tracking software provides you with a value for money proposition which you will benefit from immediately!

Primis Track is built using an end-to-end system, picking up details of the order directly from your eCommerce marketplace and dispatch details directly from your preferred carrier. These seamless integrations ensure that your customer receives all appropriate updates immediately when they occur!

Peer-to-Peer Delivery Platform

Primis's Peer-to-Peer Delivery Platform connects brands to the second-hand marketplaces, allowing a seamless delivery option for your consumers to use when sending items.

Our Peer-to-Peer Delivery Platform supports cross-border deliveries and further allows your receiving customers to track their items right to their door.


We understand that there are many obstacles standing between a company and their sustainability goals. Difficulties in trying to track your combined retailer & consumer footprint could be the thing of the past by working with Primis Communications.

Our software solution helps companies to achieve their sustainability goals and targets by analysing data across the entire supply chain.

Whether you are looking to be a BCorp business, improve your sustainable efficiencies, or you want to monitor your SDG goals, we are here to help!

Ready to improve your CX & sustainability?