Our story!

The idea of Primis was first considered in 2016 when our CEO & founder Rebecca Griffiths first stepped into the post-purchase customer experience world and saw gaps in the solutions currently being offered.

Primis was founded in early 2020 to help brands create a customer centric experience from cart to door, streamlining the entire post-purchase communications. 

Coworking Space
“It is only by being open with customers that a retailer can look to generate customer loyalty, and make the customer feel that they are being looked after, thereby ensuring they do not suffer buyers remorse.”

- Rebecca Griffiths, Primis CEO
Business Meeting

About our founder & CEO Rebecca Griffiths:

Rebecca Griffiths is an ex-Amazonian, top performing specialist in eCommerce, CX platforms, reverse logistics and everything supply chain.

Rebecca has over a decades worth of experience working for some of the most cutting edge technological companies blazing a trail in changes to all things eCommerce.

Rebecca's network spans multiple countries, multiple experiences and allows her, and Primis, to work with the right people to fulfil any supply chain / eCommerce problem you are having!


Although Primis is just starting out, we have BIG ideas!  We are committed to providing a seamless and easy to integrate solution to our customers, and to improving our product offerings.

Our commitment is to ensuring our platform and Digital Wardrobe offerings remain up-to-date and innovative, always reflecting the ASK as it evolves.

Watch this space, Primis is going places, and FAST!!! 

What is Post-purchase?

Gone are the days when next day delivery was a retailers USP! This is now an expectation of consumers and you therefore need to differentiate to stand out from your competitors in order to generate true customer loyalty!

Even now, retailers are forgetting about the customer’s most emotional part of the shopping experience - what happens after the “buy” button! What are your customers thinking / wanting from you as a retailer?!

Imagine as a customer spending all that time looking for the perfect online purchase and deciding to buy that amazing item, and part with your hard earned cash, to be told “thank you for your purchase” and then hearing nothing or getting a non-personalised, generic update from your delivery partner? Your customers are frustrated that they are being treated as a number rather than an individual! Just look at some TrustPilot reviews and the feedback speaks for itself!

Recent research has shown that customers “poor personalisation and lack of trust cost U.S. organisations $756 billion last year” (from Accenture’s 13th annual Global Consumer Pulse report). No wonder customers shop around for the best experience rather than developing a true loyalty to a particular brand and going back time and again because of the personalisation they have been offered!


However, you can manage this emotional part of the journey by implementing a tailored post-purchase Customer Experience platform focused on open communication which develops both trust and loyalty for a brand once a customer has parted with their cash.

A post-purchase Customer Experience platform would allow:

  • Cost savings - via proactive WISMO resolution (through up to date delivery details and, as an option, chat functionality) - thereby enabling retailers to save costs in their call centres;

  • Logistics visibility - by combining information you already have in your various functional systems in a new way, we can help you see patterns and trends you didn't see before;

  • Additional revenue streams via the use of a personalised branded track & trace portal, providing additional touch points to your customers prior to the receipt of their purchase;

  • A further communications channel for your marketing & acquisition teams to direct market to your customer, in a personalised manner.